Your Printable Personal Care Record

These forms were designed and created by Monique Kinney. We've replaced the Iso Printables (versions 1-4) with the new and improved Pregnancy Pack and Baby Pack in September 2018. In 2020, the printables were upgraded again to include quick reference pages and glossaries, and renamed the Personal Care Record. These educational handouts are designed to make it easier for you to understand isoimmunization, remember the terminology, and keep track of your results both during and after pregnancy. You may want to have the Personal Care Record printed at FedEx Office or another print shop. For a nominal fee they will print these packs double sided, on thicker paper, for a nice packet that will last through multiple pregnancies. If you print it double sided, the pages line up nicely so that the reference values are on the left page and your baby's numbers are on the right page. You can even add spiral binding or hole punching on to your order.

Pregnancy Resources include where to find your country's standard of care, a copy of the MCA MoM chart so that you can see the 1.0 and 1.5 MoM numbers for your week of gestation at a glance, and spots to record all of your iso-related pregnancy data. Now you can have all of your titers, MoM values, and IUT numbers all in one convenient place.

Newborn Resources (formally the Baby Pack).

If you only print one thing to take with you to the hospital when it's time to give birth, this is it. This printable combines everything into one up-to-date package that you can use after your baby is here. Things covered include: what blood draws baby needs when, normal lab values, and the bilirubin phototherapy and exchange transfusion graphs for both the US and the UK. There's even a spot to record all of your baby's lab results in one convenient place. With over 30 referenced articles (so you know it's accurate), this is your one stop printable to make life after birth just a little bit easier.