Kell Blood Group

Number of Antigens: 25

Gene: KEL
Transfusion Reaction:  Can cause a severe hemolytic transfusion reaction
Anti-K and anti-Ku are capable of causing a severe reaction. A milder reaction is caused by anti-k, anti-Kpa, anti-Kpb, anti-Jsa, and anti-Jsb.
Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn:  Can cause severe fetal anemia
Kell isoimmunization is the third most common cause of HDN after Rh and ABO. Anti-Kell causes severe fetal anemia by suppressing fetal RBC synthesis


Anti-Kell (KEL1)

Anti-kell (KEL2)

Anti-Kpa (KEL3)

Anti-Kpb (KEL4)

Anti-Ku (KEL5)

anti-Jsa (KEL6)

Anti-Jsb (KEL7)

Anti-Kpc (KEL21)