Anti-kell (KEL2 aka Cellano)

Blood Group: Kell

Common: 8.8% of Caucasions and 2% of blacks are KK and at risk for developing anti-k. [1]

Causes HDN: Yes [2]
In 1989, Bowman reported on their first known case of anti-kell being severe enough that IUTs were required to prevent hydrops. This showed that anti-k can cause HDN requiring IUTs. It is extremely rare and should be managed the same as anti-K. [2]

In this article, a woman had two stillborn babies from hydrops due to anti-k with a titer of 4. Another woman had a titer of 16 and the infant had hyperbilirubinemia but required no treatment. [3] This shows the variability of the affects of anti-k at different titers, and the need for close monitoring before and after birth. 

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