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There's a lot to keep track of when it comes to having antibodies in pregnancy. As scary as it is, there are some times when the Coombs Test is wrong - you can find these tricky antibodies on the Coombs Test Exceptions page. This page includes both ones that can be undetected in Mom but still affect baby. 

The big thing to remember about steroids is that they falsely lower your MoM score. They do not treat anemia (if they did we'd all be getting steroid shots every 2 weeks throughout pregnancy and never need IUTs), and they do not buy baby more time before an IUT. Learn more about steroids here

Iron should not be given to our babies without a ferritin test. Most of our babies have normal to high iron levels, so overdosing them with iron can have grave consequences. Our babies have hemolytic anemia, not iron-deficiency anemia, so make sure you learn about iron supplementation first.

MCA, IUT, IVIG, What's with the alphabet soup? Are you confused by all of the terminology and abbreviations used in an iso pregnancy? Lucky for you we've got a simple to understand Glossary and Abbreviations page

Please, please, please print out and take some information with you to your appointment. Having a copy of your own lab results, or your list of questions, or the list of normal lab values is an absolute must in order to stay informed and advocate for your baby. Grab a copy of our Pregnancy Pack or Baby Pack over on the Printables Page and see how much easier they make your iso journey.

As you know, we are all about sharing information today to save the lives of tomorrow. Part of that sharing includes References. Every statement made here is backed up by a reference somewhere on the reference page. This is so that 1) You Mom know where to go for more information, and 2) To show we're not crazy (but mostly reason #1). Please double check our work. We went ahead and did the hard research for you, but do go ahead and fact check any of the things we've cited here against their source and educate yourself about the medical literature surrounding your condition.

Isoimmunization: An Introduction to Antibodies In Pregnancy Ebook

Here's the PDF version of the entire thing. 
January 12, 2017